Amazing Planes are delighted to announce the release of their second studio LP "Lost In Translation". The follow up to 2013's debut "Broken Spokes", Lost In Translation was written, produced and recorded by the two band members: Mark Nelson and Daniel Hardy, in their native Nottingham. The recording time was split between Old Library Studios and Mark's own studio - 4EQ; this gave the band the the creative freedom to get the record sounding the way they wanted.
Lost In Translation will have a wider appeal than the band's debut release, 2013's Broken Spokes, and incorporates influences from sixties beat and garage to northern soul to blues-rock. Elements of the Stones, The Who, The Black Keys and CSNY can be heard; all big influences on the band.
Amazing Planes were formed in Nottingham in 2010 when the two studio engineers met up for a chat and then decided to write a few songs together. What came out of those sessions were the songs for Broken Spokes and the debut single "Your Money". All the songs on Broken Spokes were written and performed by Dan and Mark and although they had been in bands for years this was the first opportunity they had had to work together. The speed in which the album came together was due in part to their being away from playing in a band and the appreciation for similar influences. 
Lost In Translation will be released November 2015 on the band's own Black Dog Recording Company label and will be available from all good online retailers.